ITS YOUR LIFE...KEEP IT SAFE                                                                                                                            WHAT WOULD YOU DO?







PERSONAL PROTECTION TRAINING. If you carry a gun for personal protection or home defense...this is the class for you.

          IMPORTANCE OF TRAINING           

As a Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years and one who has been involved in countless high risk situations, I am aware of the stress your body and mind experiences during the few moments of these situations. Unless you are able to recognize these symptoms and experience the stressors that your body and mind go through, your chance of reacting correctly decreases.

Owning a handgun for home and personal protection is your constitutional right. Owning a gun is just the first step. Training is the key. Although shooting at a range is important to hone your skills, shooting at a paper target will not prepare you for the stress of these life threatening moments. Nor will it increase your odds of choosing correctly whether to pull the trigger or not.

SHOOT DON'T SHOOT training will assess your personal abilities when confronting a deadly force encounter. This class is designed to make you react correctly under stress within seconds. Whether it is your life or the life of a loved one or friend, SHOOT DON'T SHOOT training could be the difference between life and death.